As a child you have to admit just how gullible you were to what grown ups told you - especially your parents. How many of us haven't been told that sitting too close to the TV will cause you to go blind? Or, eating all your carrots will keep you from going blind. My personal favorite was smoking would stunt my growth. Pretty sure I was as tall as I was going to be at age

What about if you swallowed your gum?  Would it stay in your system for 7 years? What about that crap about no swimming until 30 minutes after eating? Turns out, none of it is true. As a matter of fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, feel free to down a footlong subway sandwich and dive right in if you want. Eating or not eating, doesn't matter, you will not cramp up and die because of it.

Despite the harm that lying to your children could do, still seems like it will never stop. Many its time to stop. Here are a few of the more common lies we tell our kids or were told as kids.

"If you pee in the pool, it  will change color" - contrary to what we want to believe, pools are not equipped to change color when urine has entered the water,

"Eating vegetables will make you big and strong" (thanks to Popeye) - Genetics, exercise and all around balanced diet determine your physique.

"Standing close to the microwave will give you brain cancer" - Microwaves are equipped to be safe and will not expose you to radiation. The oven operating while the metal door is closed acts is an even safer means to protect against radiation.

Tell us what lies your parents exposed you to as a child and lets lick the myths together.

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