Small lies, white lies and even a whopper of a lie. Lies of all sizes pop into our lives on an almost daily basis. It's human nature to lie (often to protect the feelings of others) but at what point did you learn that a big lie can really mess up your life? That was the question Stefani and I posed to our audience this morning. The response was often hilarious, tense and even awkward at times.

Lies to your kids, your boss and close family members seemed to reinforce the perception that we lie most to those closest to us.

Here are just a few of the responses from our listeners and their lies.

Carl: I worked at a Pretzel place in the mall and quickly tired of customers telling me they wanted only pretzels hot out of the oven. I would just turn my back and pretend to fill the box with "hot oven fresh pretzels" (which there weren't any) and then tu
rn back around with same box that just came off the shelf. All was going well with my ruse until one customer decided to use the giant mirror that reflected back on the entire area and saw that I was just standing there faking my way through oven freshness. Vary embarrassing to finally be called out.

Lori: I was caught skipping school by my Mom and the only thing I could think of was to tell her school was cancelled due to Aids. Needless to say my mother checked with the school and of course I was caught red handed in the lie. It was a lonely summer spent grounded in my room :)

Walt: I called my boss to tell him I wouldn't be in to work because I was sick and couldn't get out of bed. All would've been fine if he hadn't been two cars behind me in the McDonalds drive thru #hatesmalltowns

Troy: I told all my friends in school that my family was rich and we lived in a mansion. Imagine my horror when shortly after I brag about being Richey-Rich, that a field trip requiring $20 to go on is announced. I was too poor to go and just like that, my lie about being part of the rich and famous failed me.

How about you? Please feel free to share your biggest lie that back-fired on you.

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