Tis the season for haunted houses.  But maybe the kids or maybe YOU would be too scared for the elaborate presentations of today's offerings.  Perhaps something a little less heart-stopping but still entertaining especially if you are into dinosaurs.  And who isn't???  Am I right???  Well, we may not be able to get you to Jurassic Park but we can get you to the Dinosaur Park right here in Michigan.

As we first found out from our friends at mlive, it's actually called Dinosaur Gardens and can be found in the Northeast part of the lower peninsula in Ossineke.  Another interesting fact is Dinosaur Gardens isn't a new attraction.  It's actually been around of 82 years!  There you'll find life-sized sculptures that were created between 1935 and 1967 by a guy named Paul Domke and many have been renovated to their original glory.  And it's not just dinosaurs to be found.  You'll sneak up on other Michigan animals and maybe some ice cream too.  Check out more by clicking HERE.

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