With gas prices on the rise, money is getting tighter and tighter.  For some families in our community, the choice between getting gas or buying groceries is a weekly struggle.  Free Gas USA, Inc. wants to help. To qualify for gas assistance, your income must fall within the highlighted section on this page, and you must provide proof of the following:
1. You Must Be a Resident of Kalamazoo, Michigan
2. You must prove that you are low-income 
3. You must have a valid Michigan Drivers License
4. Provide proof of vehicle ownership with valid Michigan Registration

5. Your Vehicle must be insured at the time of the event.

A completed two-page application must be submitted by Saturday, May 12th. Gasoline will only be dispensed between 12:00p and 4:00p at the Sam's Club gasoline station in Portage, Michigan on Tuesday, May 15th.

It's Free Gas USA, Inc.'s 10th anniversary! Incorporated in May of 2008 right here in Kalamazoo, this charity strives to proved gasoline grants to needy individuals and families here in Southwest Michigan andacross the country.

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