Michigan has so many restaurants that come up with some incredibly unique food challenges. Luckily, there are also a lot of people in the state who taught themselves as competitive eaters and have been able to take down some of these daunting challenges.

One of the more popular names in the Michigan competitive eating world is Nathan Klein, who all over Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, and the rest of the state has broken numerous records and finished all sorts of food challenges. Unfortunately, for Nathan at one Michigan ice cream parlor, he has been impressively dethroned by a new record holder.
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Indiana Man Breaks Barry G‘s Italian Ice in Dutton Do Bowl Challenge Record

A man named Wayne Johnson came all the way from Kentland Indiana to take on the dog bowl challenge at Barry G‘s Italian Ice in Dutton. I can’t tell you exactly how much this thing weighs but it looks like it has to be at least over 15 pounds. But the crazy thing is, is how fast Wayne ate this dog bowl challenge and how much of a gap there was between the new record he set and Nathan’s old record:
We have a new record for the dog bowl challenge. Wayne Johnston came all the way from Kentland, Indiana ti take on the challenge, completing it in 13 minutes 47 seconds beating the previous record holder Nathan Klein who finished the dog bowl in 19 minutes 52 seconds by 6 minutes 5 seconds. Congratulations Wayne!!! Great job!!
This is an insane record and I'm gonna be blown away if anyone can manage to defeat this new one. Could you do it?

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