I get it, sometimes that pickup line at school, waiting for your kids to get out, can be brutal, and if you're there early enough for the "good spot," then it usually means you're gonna end up waiting a while for them to get out. So extra-curricular activities while waiting are usually a good way to pass the time...

Unless that extra-curricular is doing drugs, which is exactly what happened in Indiana recently, and it turns out, it might have been good for their child that they were caught, because what police found was disgusting.

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On Monday, May 20th, while waiting in line to pick up kids at Jasper Elementary in Dubois County, a staff member of the school picked up on the smell of marijuana coming from somewhere in the pickup line.

The staff member happened to know there was an off-duty Detective in the pickup line as well, and alerted him to the situation. Detective Sergeant Brock Werne got to work, and quickly found the vehicle where the smell was coming from, and confronted the individuals inside.

After a short conversation with the Detective Sergeant, the driver was taken from the vehicle, and detained. The driver, Sylvia Hadi, then spoke to the Detective Sergeant some more, followed by a search of the vehicle.

What they found in the vehicle would be any normal parent's worst nightmare for their children.

Authorities found more marijuana, additional controlled substances and paraphernalia, and suspected methamphetamine. In addition to that, the vehicle was a disgusting mess, filled with empty beer cans, trash, and maybe the grossest part - SOILED DIAPERS!!!!

Sick man

Needless to say, Hadi was taken into custody, and is facing a plethora of charges. Meanwhile, the Indiana Department of Child Services has stepped in to take care of the FIVE CHILDREN that were found in the car at the time of Hadi's arrest.

It's unclear how old the children were, or if any other adult was in the vehicle at the time.

This is disgusting, and cruel to those children. Even aside from the drug use and possession, they found DIRTY DIAPERS in the car, and those kids were just sitting all around it.

All I can say is, thank goodness that staff member at Jasper Elementary School knew exactly how weed smelled... and somehow knew the strain, too. (KIDDING!)

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