Years ago, the original Guns N' Roses members were supposedly never going to share the stage together "in this lifetime," but 167 shows later with more on the way in 2019, it now seems that they're never going to stop sharing it. Bassist Duff McKagan offered insight on the possibility of the reunion ending, which he doesn't see happening.

"I don't have that feeling at all, [that] it's a finite thing," McKagan told the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast. "Because we've done no press yet, nobody knows. And I kind of dig it, to be honest with you."

"I'm not trying to keep you in the dark," the bassist continues. "I don't dig the feeling of keeping you in the dark, but it's kind of nice. It's a thing where nobody needs to know our business...We got into trouble a long time ago, where people knew all of our business… So we talk about things to each other now, something that maybe we never did before."

The cat's already out of the bag regarding the tour continuing, as the band announced a set of 2019 North American dates last month. They'll also be headlining several festivals in the fall. What we're truly being kept in the dark about is the details regarding a new album from the band, but as of now it seems like Axl Rose, Slash and McKagan are in it for the long haul.

As for the remaining original members, McKagan hasn't been able to offer much on Izzy Stradlin's stance with the rest of them. "Touring in a big rock band is not for everybody," he said. "That's my take on that."

Former drummer Steven Adler recently gave us a scare when the news broke that he was taken to the hospital over a stab wound in his stomach, which was later said to be an accident. He's since returned to the stage.

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