Detroit Red Wings Center, Dylan Larkin is one of six NHL players to have their own "Funko Pop" figures to be released soon. 

According to Detroit Sports Nation, Larkin joins P.K. Subban, Nathan MacKinnon, David Pastarnak, Nikita Kucherov and Andrei Vasilevsky as the latest players to have figures released.

No date has been announced for the release of the NHL figures.

Hopefully they will be available in time for the start of the NHL season in October.

I am wondering if they are waiting to see if Larkin will finally be awarded the honor of captain for the Red Wings.

The figure would look great with a C on it.  If not the C hopefully they will have an A on his jersey. We will see if that happens when the figure is released.

You can check out the figures here.    Dylan Larkin and the Red Wings will start the NHL season on October 5th in Nashville against the Predators.




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