The Detroit Red Wings an an iconic team in sports. Not just hockey, but all of sports in North America. The logo is easily recognizable, and has little to no change since 1932.

But a new addition to this iconic sports logo on the ice has fans in an absolute uproar. Do you think the change is that big of a deal?

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The Detroit Red Wings have been a fixture in the National Hockey League since the very beginning. As one of the Original Six, they were first known as the Cougars, and Falcons before officially becoming the Red Wings in 1932, and adopting one of the most iconic images of all time as their team logo.

The Wheel and Wings have been a fixture in Detroit and on the chest of players and fans for more than 90 years, but a new change is coming in the Red Wings World.

It was announced on Feb. 29th, that the Red Wings have partnered with a company called Priority Waste, which has offices in Macomb County, and that partnership includes the dreaded jersey sponsorship.

This means, the iconic, clean, and pristine Red Wings hockey sweaters, will not be adorned with a patch reading "Priority Waste" on their shoulder. The Red Wings organization is of course happy about the partnership, but fans who saw the announcement were not pleased.  

This has been the latest trend in American sports, as European, and other countries have been doing it for years. In fact, most foreign "futbol" teams have advertisements across the entire jersey, with almost no indication of the team's mascot or name.

Thankfully, most professional teams who have begun doing this in America have kept the advertisements simple, and small, with no additional space being made available. But what do you think? Does this ruin one of the most iconic jerseys in all of sports?

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