This season the Wings Event Center was one of the test arenas for replay in the ECHL.  The testing has been successful as the league is going to expand it for the next season. 

According to The ECHL, the league will have replay available for goal reviews in all arenas in the 2019-2020 season.  Referees will be allowed to view video streams from cameras placed over the goals.

They can check the puck crossing the line,  if the goal was scored with a kicking motion and  if the puck was batted or thrown into the net.  They can also look at if the net is dislodged or when time expires.

This is great to see and I'm sure this will improve not only the quality of officiating in the ECHL but will also help the games.

This will also be a plus in close games and especially in the playoffs.   Look for the league wide review in place for the next season.



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