The Electric Forest Festival was this weekend, just outside of Rothbury, Michigan, and aside from a late-night evacuation due to a line of storms, everything went off without a hitch.

It's easy to identify the crowd as they roll into west Michigan with their body paint, bright colors, and general upbeat, positive attitudes. And the festival lives up to its name on the ground, but maybe even more so from the air.

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We've all seen the photos from the ground as festival-goers stroll into Sherwood Forest, just north of Rothbury, for the annual electronic music festival that makes Shanghai, China look like a couple glow sticks.

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For real, though, the lights and music coming out of that forest every year in June is something unlike anything else you'll see outside of a movie scene, and tens of thousands of people come every year.

But very rarely do we get a view of the bright lights from above, since there are no tall buildings, no exceptionally tall trees, and the drone has only recently found its way into the mainstream.

This year, those drones found their way over Sherwood Forest, and the views they got during the shows were incredible.


@electricforest With tints and hues, The Forest is painted anew. 🎨 #EF2024 #electricforest ♬ original sound - Electric Forest

It genuinely looks like an amusement park, and something out of a futuristic movie like Blade Runner. During the day, you'd barely be able to tell (aside from the two main stages on the edge of the forest) that anything was happening.

But at night, that's when the festival really comes alive! Even if you're not a fan of techno and electronic music, this is still something you have to see at least once in your life.

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