We've reached that time in music history when many of our heroes are either heading out one last time, calling it quits or worse.  In recent years, the expected and unexpected have shaken off the mortal coils. (sorry)  Because of this irreversible fact, my wife Karla and I decided a few years ago to make sure we see some of the artists one last time.  Karla, especially, is a huge Elton John fan and we didn't get to see him on the last stop.  Luckily, we get another chance.

Elton John has extended his farewell tour and will be making another 3 stops in Michigan; one of which will be at Van Andel Arena on April 23, 2020.  Then he'll be playing Little Caesars Arena on May 1st and 2nd next year.  Tickets are already on sale so get them fast before they're all gone...Again!  Click HERE for ticket information.





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