The New York based disco-funk band Escort have released a music video for their new song “Outta My Head” that's  a shot-for-shot remake of Journey’s “Separate Ways” clip.

The band's original video, released in 1983, featured the band pantomiming its performance on a dock, while a mysterious woman walks among them. Air guitar, lip-synching and questionable stylistic choices gave the clip much of its legendary notoriety. We still can’t figure out why the keyboard is on the wall.

Escort went to great lengths to stay to true to the original clip. The band utilized the 3D view in Google Maps to “scout out the coastline for miles around us,” producer and co-director Eugene Cho told Rolling Stone.

“For our version, we really wanted to just hold a mirror up to it," he explained. "We’re not trying to exaggerate it or mock it. All the amazing '80s video tropes, the pure intensity of the performances and the bizarre air instrument gag make it so special.”

You can watch the video below.

Escort’s remake is just the latest chapter in the music video’s long history. The original clip was Journey’s first scripted piece, with previous efforts having been compiled of already existing concert footage.

You can relive that video in all its early-'80s glory below.

"Separate Ways" video director Tom Buckholtz admitted that a lot of the ideas seen in the clip were thought up in the moment. “There was a lot of ‘let’s try this’ or ‘let’s try that,’ a lot of it shot on the fly," he recalled. "We mostly had to wing it.”

The band had its own reservations about the video. Singer Steve Perry reportedly “wasn’t down with it,” while keyboardist Jonathan Cain had concerns regarding the air instruments. “I had trepidation about playing the ‘air’ stuff,” Cain admitted in an interview with HuffPost. “Really? We’re going to ‘air’ perform?”

Buckholtz acknowledged that his inexperience may have contributed to the video’s admitted cheesiness. Still, the director has no regrets. “If I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t have done it any different — well, yes I would, but my wife laughs every time it comes on TV," he said. "I’d never done one before, and maybe that shows.”

The band also takes the video's dubious legacy in stride. Cain has called it “so bad, it’s cool,” while guitarist Neal Schon described it as “cheesy, definitely.”

MTV’s Beavis and Butt-head used harsher words when they made fun of the “Separate Ways” video in 1993, likening the clip to a turd. In 1999, MTV named "Separate Ways" as one of the "25 Worst Videos."

Still, be it for comedy, nostalgia or a little bit of both, the video continues to be a hit among fans. While Escort’s remake may be the most professional looking, many others have paid homage to the video by filming their own versions over the years.

You can check out some of them below.

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