Electric vehicles are the future and the City of Portage has installed the first EV charging stations at City Hall. See where else you can plug in around SWMI.

Electric cars are amazing, but still far from practical in 2021. Efforts continue on all fronts as Western Michigan University is working to pave the path of progress by developing infrastructure-based technology to make roadways more compatible with driverless vehicles and the literal road to the future come may actually charge your car as you drive on it.

In the meantime, electric vehicle users have to plug in to recharge and this just got easier in Portage. City Hall has installed the first municipally operated electric vehicle charging station in the city. The latest ChargePoint charging station is one of 18 located in Portage.

Kalamazoo and Portage: Where to plug in 24/7

  • Arcadia Ales Brewery | 701 E Michigan Ave
  • Borgess Health | 1521 Gull Rd,
  • Celebration Cinema | 6600 Ring Rd
  • Consumers Energy | 2500 E. Cork Street
  • Fourth Coast | 816 South Westnedge Ave.
  • Ignertia | 516 E North St
  • K College | 888-912 Academy St
  • KVCC | 6767 West O Avenue
  • K College | 301 Monroe St
  • Kalamazoo City | 134-156 Portage St
  • Kalamazoo Ramp 3 | 100-132 Portage St, 134-156 Portage St
  • Western Michigan University | 4601 Campus Drive
  • WMU | Auditorium Dr, Kalamazoo Township
  • WMU | 1110, 2150, 2501-2599 W Michigan Ave

What is even more efficient than an electric car? A bicycle. Keep scrolling to see how you can rent one and explore the Portage Creek Bicentennial Trail.

How to Rent a Bicycle and Explore the Portage Creek Bicentennial Trail

It's easy to have fun on two wheels. The City of Portage has added bike rentals near Celery Flats to ride the PCBT.
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