The City of Portage has an extensive network of bike lanes. Now, anyone can rent a bike and pedal the scenic 3.5-mile Portage Creek Bicentennial Trail.

A helmet is strongly suggested, but you won't need spandex bike shorts to have some fun on two wheels in Portage. The City is now renting bicycles near Celery Flats so you can explore the Portage Creek Bicentennial Trail. It's a short walk from the fountain across Garden Lane to the corral where rental bikes are parked. Download the app, then climb on and you are off to explore.

The highlight of the PCBT is the halfway point between Detroit and Chicago. There is a sign posted next to the path as it crosses under I-94 near Lover's Lane, marking 143 miles east on I-94 to Motown and 144 miles west to the Windy City. Much of the trail runs concurrent to the meandering Portage Creek on one side, and railroad tracks on the other. Bridges and tunnels keep you completely out of traffic from the northern trailhead at E Kilgore and Lovers Lane, all the way to Portage District Library near S Westnedge and E Centre.

The bikes are shiny and new, user-friendly, and outfitted with comfortable seats, a basket, and a bell. You simply download the app, then follow the instructions to rent a bike and it unlocks electronically. Has it been a long time since you've been on a bicycle? Don't worry, it will all come back to you. It's as easy as...

How to Rent a Bicycle and Explore the Portage Creek Bicentennial Trail

It's easy to have fun on two wheels. The City of Portage has added bike rentals near Celery Flats to ride the PCBT.
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