Due to a water main break, a precautionary Boil Water Advisory is in effect for the City of Portage. Usually these announcements are meant as a precaution, however, it's important to take it seriously and follow the recommendations from the city which may include boiling all water for drinking and cooking for at lease one minute, using bottled water to brush your teeth, and making sure that all fruits and vegetables are rinsed with bottled or boiled water.

The affected addresses in this advisory are for:
• 1306 – 3300 East Centre Avenue (excluding 1503 and 1603 East Centre)
• Portage Road from Zoetis Drive to Prosperity Drive
• Pleasant Drive from Portage Road to Oakside Drive
• Propserity Drive from Portage Road to Oakside Drive
• Engle Court

A lot of different bacteria can end up in our water during a water main break, including ecoli, and it may take several days to flush the pipes and disinfect them, so it's important that any ice you may have in trays or dispensers in your freezer are disposed of and the trays disinfected. Remember to prepare baby formula, coffee, and teas using bottle or pre-boiled water.

It's so easy to forget how integral our municipal water really is. The Center for Disease Control has a lot of great information and resources to help you make smart decisions regarding your water and your family.

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