Now you can go, even in the snow. Heated bathrooms will be open and some of the 21 miles of trails in Portage will be plowed for maximum enjoyment of winter fun.

"Your backyard is bigger than you think." Portage Parks and Recreation maintains 18 parks located throughout the City of Portage, encompassing 21+ miles of trails over 1,000 acres, used by hundreds of walkers, runners, bikers, hikers, rollerbladers, and cross country skiers. While Ramona Park, the Overlander Bandshell, and some of the buildings at historic Celery Flats are closed for the winter, the team will be working year-round to plow certain trails and maintain heated bathrooms for outdoor enthusiasts.

All of the eighteen parks in the City of Portage will be open 7 am-7 pm this winter, and you will be able to find seven places to go, even in the snow.

Heated indoor bathrooms

  • Portage Creek Bicentennial Trail: north trailhead, 424 E Kilgore (at Milham)
  • Portage Creek Bicentennial Trail: Milham entrance, 910 E Milham
  • Celery Flats Pavillion, 7335 Garden Lane
  • Eliason Nature Reserve, 1614 Osterhout Ave

Portable bathrooms open this winter

  • Lakeview Park, 9345 Portage Rd
  • Oakland Drive Park, 7650 Oakland Dr
  • South Westnedge Dog Park, 9016 S Westnedge Ave

The ice rink at Millennium Park is open December 2- March 6 (weather dependent, naturally), with restroom facilities in operation when the rink is open.

Much of the Portage Creek Bicentennial Trail will be plowed when snow falls, creating a safe place for runners, walkers, and bikers to enjoy the beauty of winter out of traffic. The Northwest Portage Bikeway is also plowed- check out the map here. Cross country skiers' best bet is to head to Eliason Nature Reserve or West Lake Nature Preserve, and those with snowshoes don't need trails at all.

Unlike some of us, the City of Portage does not hibernate until spring. So, layer up and get out and enjoy all the fun winter has to offer us.

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