Ya know everyone's job comes with its own challenges, and when it comes to putting up the sign to welcome guests in and push a product, sometimes mistakes can happen. The best thing to do in that instance is to come forward and come to terms with it, make the changes, and then move on. The Family Fare is a neighborhood grocery store that many people have been coming to on 8th St in Traverse City for many years. Recently they made a spelling error, and now Traverse City can't unsee it:

Celebrate With our Cum Cakes.

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Madison Chappel (Used w/ permission)
Madison Chappel (Used w/ permission)

Come on, how did you not expect people to laugh their butts off at that? Everyone who came in the other day saw that sign, and people have been lighting up the comment section ever since Madison Chappel posted it online:

I followed their recipe but could only make one cake before I wanted a sandwich and a nap.

Of course, people nearby had to put their jokes in:

If anyone actually goes in and tries some of these, can you please let us know what you think. Down here in Bear lake we eat moose nuts. I’m
Wondering if they would pair together nice?
Listen, they CLEARLY meant crumb cakes. ya just gotta hope the poor employee who made the error doesn't get in trouble. I can guarantee even more people will come in now. At least it gave us a reason to laugh.

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