Traverse City has announced that a bridge will span the Boardman River and its surrounding wetlands to connect Hartman and Hammond roads to be the 3rd largest in the state, according to an article recently posted by Record Eagle. But for many people who have lived in Traverse City for a long time, this bridge, which is expected to be about 2000 ft long, is overdue by many years, and for some too little too late. The decision was made by the Grand Traverse County Road Commission approved the project, which could take about 15 months to finish, but people already have strong opinions about the decision:

Should have been built over 20 years ago… But thanks to NMEAC and their self-appointed obstructionists that wish it was still 1965, the price tag is double or more now. It’s easy to say that we don’t need a bridge when you live downtown… The rest of us that have to deal with the traffic on a daily basis vehemently disagree. -Fred

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Saying It For Years

One person even commented on how a proposal for a bridge was made almost 20 years class:

One of my group projects in high school involved building a proposal for the Hartman Hammond bridge. I graduated in 2004...we knew this was needed for a long time. -Nick

There are also others who are playing Devil's Advocate and feel it's a waste of money:

There are roads in traverse city that can hardly even be driven on because they are falling apart and the plan is to spend, again, ONEHUNDRED[sic] MILLION DOLLRS[sic] while the roads we NEED crumble…-Brock

Where do you stand on the bridge being built?

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