I'm curious, has any other business in Southwest Michigan shared this much of it's revenue to it's community and the State of Michigan?  If one has, I like to know about it and give them the credit they're due.  I've hung some pretty decent "I Told You Sos" over the years but this one remains the topper of all toppers.  When FireKeepers was about to open back in 2009, many people and community leaders thought their presence would be disastrous to the area by attracting the "wrong element".  Well... I hate being right...again.

Amber Ballard from FireKeepers sent me the announcement and I was floored.  The Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi (NHBP), owners of FireKeepers Casino Hotel in Battle Creek, announced that combined lifetime revenue sharing payments to the State of Michigan and the Local Revenue Sharing Board have exceeded $217 million!  The continued operating excellence of the property led to its fifth consecutive new annual contribution record, with combined payments of over $24.7 million to the State of Michigan and the FireKeepers Local Revenue Sharing Board.  Almost $25 million!!!  Now those same people are saying "What would we do without them?"

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