COVID-19 has effected a lot of local families financially. Those who were barely eking out a living are now finding themselves shelving the basics. But there are those families that were just above the line to qualify for certain help that now find themselves in dire need. On paper they look like they can make it, but after furloughs, lay-offs, and needing to stay home to teach kids, that is not the reality on the face of it. Because of this, First Day Shoe Fund is temporarily waiving eligibility requirements. There have been certain hours allocated to certain schools in order to keep down on the amount of people attending, so if you are interested in receiving a pair of shoes for your child, info can be found here.

School might look a little different this year with distanced learning, but that doesn't mean that there aren't those in our community that rely on the First Day Shoe Fund every year for a new pair of shoes and a package of new socks. They're hosting a Drive-Thru Shoe Distribution at Wings Event Center, September 18th and 19th, where they anticipate an estimated 5,000 Kalamazoo County Elementary students will come through. They are looking for volunteers who will wear a mask and be mindful of social distancing to volunteer for the event. If you're interested in getting new shoes on the feet of our local kids, email

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