The biggest question on everyone's mind as we approach Halloween 2020 revolves around Trick or Treating, and how to do that safely in a pandemic world. You don't necessarily want to greet your neighborhood ghouls and goblins face-to-face to give them their bribe treat. Imagine what a nightmare contact tracing would be! "I don't know what to tell you, CDC. It could have been Black Panther, She-ra, one of the Paw Patrol pups, or the many, many Roblox dudes." Leaving a bowl out on your stoop and relying on the Honor System has always been the best way to participate in the tradition while not having to do any actual labor, however, you don't want a bunch of hands going in and out of the bowl this year, possibly contaminating remaining candy. And if you're the house that always gives out full-sized candy bars, are you technically encouraging gatherings of more than 100 people?

The only answer to the problems we see for Trick or Treating 2020 is a socially distanced candy delivery system, an item that just so happened to be on the GISH 2020 scavenger hunt list. Item #46 not only had to comply with the rules of social distancing, it had to work. A concept would not do. They were looking for a solution.

Behold! My team's attempt at a socially distanced candy delivery system. That's me in the way-too-big Captain American costume. My buddy Dustin is manning the machine, obviously based on a simple lever system. Sure, we nailed it. But definitely not on the first try. I can't remember the exact attempt count, but it had to be pushing 30. No doubt neighbors were very curious. Check it out! You, too, can create this simple candy delivery device and save Halloween for the children in your neighborhood.

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