Just a few days ago a woman eats 50 chili dogs to set a new record in Rockford, she has now just devoured a seven-pound burrito in Ionia and is now the new champion.

I am not sure what drives competitive eaters to put their bodies through such tasks such as eating 76 hot dogs, 50 chili dogs and now a seven-pound burrito. Is it the attention? Do they get a free meal? Is there money to be made? Or, isn't just pure bragging rights?

Earlier this week Molly Schuyler slammed 50 chili dogs in 22 minutes at the Corner Bar in Rockford. Schuyler set a new record for eating chili dogs and beat the last one that was set back in 2006 when Tim "Eater X" Janus choked down 43 1/2 chili dogs.

Joey Chestnut is the most famous competitive eater and has been winning the hot dog eating championship on the 4th of July for years. Last week he beat his record of 75 hot dogs by eating 76 in just ten minutes. Chestnut made a stop at the Corner Bar back in 2006 at ate 36 chili dogs. He better watch his back because it looks like Schuyler is coming for him.

Schuyler has been documenting her eating prowess on YouTube. She goes into establishments with her phone camera on a tripod, orders up the challenge, films her feat and then posts the videos on here YouTube channel.

According to WOOD, Schuyler went to the El Mariachi Mexican Grill in Ionia on Thursday and devoured a seven-pound burrito in just seven minutes and 48 seconds.

What is so insane about this, Schuyler is not a big woman but a very tiny woman, and she slammed this burrito down just a few days after gulping down 50 chili dogs in 22 minutes. How is this possible?

Schuyler has been competitively eating around the United States since 2012 and plans to continue as long as her body can take it.

If you go to Schuyler's YouTube channel, your mind will be blown at all the stuff she has managed to dump into her belly in very short periods of time. Things like 200 muffins, 15 pounds of peas, raw coffee grounds, 11 pounds of grape jelly and I could go on but you just have to see for yourself. There are hundred's of videos of her just slamming down just about anything that is put in front of her.

I don't know how she does it or why she does it but after watching a couple videos, I'm gonna have to go to the bathroom and I didn't even eat anything lol. Maybe she can get sponsored by Charmin.

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