I am a very caring and understanding individual.  I am.  Life happens, sometimes, and you end up cancelling long-held plans because of an unexpected illness, or work thing, or something to do with the kids.

I get it.

I do.


Meet Martin:

A. Aebi
A. Aebi

Martin had a great idea at the beginning of the year. Once a month he's scheduled a 5:01 for his coworkers and friends, complete with location.  He's added this to our Outlook meetings so reminders pop up so there are no excuses about "not hearing about it" or "not enough notice to join." He even has an attendance chart that is mailed out following each 5:01 with who attended, who was excused, and who is on his sh*t list for not attending.

So, even though I am very understanding of life getting in the way of predetermined plans,I find it very funny that Martin, who's brainchild this is, has missed the last TWO 5:01s. It's March. That means he has not made it to two-thirds of the planned meetings. His idea... and he can't make it.

This fact did not go unnoticed by his coworkers and friends, so we decided to make a Flat Martin (ala Flat Stanley) so he could join us for a night at Louie's Trophy House. Enjoy...

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