Now that September has started, labor day has passed, and everyone is back in school the real party can begin. It's about to be a lot of people's favorite season, and I'm not talking about fall and all the cool things you can do outdoors. I'm talking about football and how you grab your drinks, snacks, food, cowbells, jerseys, and every other gameday necessity and rock out every Monday, Thursday,  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

During this time of year, the parking lots are full of tailgaters, and the stands are full of screaming parents, grandparents, friends, supporters, and students as the pigskin is thrown around for 60 mins. Whether you are watching someone you know, your favorite team, or your old school play watching football can be some of the most fun you have in your life. When Saturday and Sunday come rolling around if you aren't watching at home or a friend's place, then you're probably searching for a place

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Don't worry, after spending many years here, I've found some of the best places to sit down, and enjoy some good grub, great drinks, and football. Granted you may be around fans of the opposite team or you may find yourself in a bar full of friendlies, either way, the football experience at these places is as good as it can be in Kalamazoo.

Regular Restaurants

I'm sure this is no surprise to anyone, there will be tons of bars on this list since Kalamazoo is filled with them. When it comes to watching football, though, some bars come to mind first while others are entirely dismissed. There are bars like One Well, LFG, and Twine Urban Winery that have more of a laid-back vibe or don't have televisions. Now, let's dive into the countless breweries and sports bars in Kalamazoo.

When looking at bars all of the big corporations come to mind first like Applebees, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Texas Roadhouse, which are all fine options but the best places are the original Kalamazoo gems. Like Nisker's, Fletcher's Pub, and Main St. Pub which are all family-oriented bars that originated in Kalamazoo. These places are calm until the drinks get rolling and the TVs are lit up!

Best Bars

There are also the places like University Roadhouse, The Tin Can, Waldo's, The Old Goat Tavern, and The Library which are all located on Western Michigan University's campus. These have the best vibes as everyone is up moving around, enjoying drinks, and reacting to the game. These places may be out of style or not their vibe for some people as there are tons of WMU students and college-aged adults in attendance.

Kalamazoo is also full of classics like Shakespeare's and Louie's, which serve up some of the best vibes you can ask for. You can walk in these places and get a wide variety of food, and amazing drinks, and enjoy the marathon of games until you're ready to pass out. Kalamazoo also has Revel N Roll and Airway Lanes, which are both bowling alleys. They play the games on TVs spread throughout the complex allowing you to have fun while still watching the game.

7 Bars You Should Check Out if You Just Moved to Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo and the surrounding areas have plenty of bars and breweries to choose from. In no particular order, here are at least 7 you should have on your list if you've just moved to Kalamazoo.

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