For the majority of us, the idea of a bar opening at 7 AM may be a bit confusing. Who in the world is drinking that early in the morning? Third-shifters, that's who.

Again, for the majority of people, a typical workday might look like an 8 AM - 5 PM shift, a 9 AM - 6 PM shift, or even a 6 PM to 1 AM shift depending on what field you work in. But, third-shifters, who usually work from midnight to the early hours of the morning, may miss out on the "normal" after-work stress-reducers. Such as heading to their favorite bar, for example.

Louie's Trophy House in Kalamazoo is hoping to amend that.

In a recent Facebook post, Louie's Trophy House revealed that thanks to some anonymous tips, they had learned that a few third-shifters would appreciate a place to go after work. In response, Louie's Trophy House will now be open at 7 AM on Mondays starting on April 4th:

Monday's early hours will be an addition to their early hours already offered on Thursdays and Fridays. And, yes, they will be able to serve alcohol starting at that time.

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With most local bars in the Kalamazoo area opening at around 10 - 11 AM, Louie's will certainly be setting themselves apart for those who work the late shift. Now, let's hope for Louie's sake, those people will actually show up!

Louie's Trophy House is Kalamazoo's oldest bar, according to their website. They serve dishes like burgers, nachos, pizzas, and a lot more. See their menu on their website and stay up to date with any specials by following their Facebook page.

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