Collier Cash, who had the rare opportunity to cover Metallica onstage with Foo Fighters when he was 10 years old in 2018, recently recapped how that experience changed his life and continues to inspire him.

The performance, a video of which which went viral on social media, comes from a Foo Fighters concert on Oct. 12, 2018, in Kansas City. As he is wont to do, Foos bandleader Dave Grohl invited a young person from the audience onstage to play something. And on that night, it was Cash. When asked by Grohl what he knew how to play, the young rocker said, "A lot of Metallica songs."

Watch Cash's recap video near the bottom of this post.

"My name is Collier Cash and 4 years ago today Dave Grohl changed my life," the young rocker explains in the new clip.

"When the FF came back out out for their encore, I asked Dave if I could play," he says. "I was 10 years old. Who does that? Lets a 10 year old on stage? Dave Grohl does."

Cash continues, "They had already played all the FF songs I knew by that time, so I picked Metallica. And he rolled with it. Taylor jumped in and they let me play Metallica WITH THE Foo Fighters. (Like Pat Smear is behind me. OMG.)"

As for how the momentous occasion continues to inspire him, Cash says, "All I want to do is play music. I left that night and haven't stopped playing. I have had a lot of cool opportunities to play since then. I have gained a ton of mentors in music who I respect a lot. I'm in HS Marching Band & Jazz Band Go Marching Cougars & Drumline."

He adds, "Most importantly I was able to use this money to raise a ton of money for children's charities & my best friend Bo. I've had a TY note for Dave sitting here for a long time and would love to get it to him. The ripple effect from this one moment was huge. TY to Dave, Taylor, Pat, Rami, Chris, and Nate for allowing me to share your stage. I'll have this memory forever. Now go out into the world and try to be more like the Foo Fighters today."

10-Year-Old Collier Cash Covers Metallica Onstage With Foo Fighters - Oct. 12, 2018

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