Ford has announced that they'll be hiring 450 new employees to help build the brand new all-electric F-150 Lightning!

We're literally witnessing and participating in the great electric car/truck switchover (I just made that up). And it feels like it! 

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Ford announced plans to invest an additional $250 million to create 450 jobs in Dearborn, Ypsilanti, and Sterling Heights to support the production of the new F-150 Lightning.


"Today’s announcement is a great example of the right way to navigate the transition to tomorrow's vehicles by ensuring good-paying jobs of the future – investing in building vehicles in the United States, with the hard-working men and women of the UAW."

President Joe Biden put pressure on car companies a few months back to focus more on electrifying the car industries and get us away from fossil fuels. I'm all for the new era of vehicles! I will say though it's kinda creepy hearing an electric vehicle drive down the road. With no gas motor, all you hear is the tires gripping the concrete. Pretty soon everything on the road will be electric and the beautiful sound of a naturally aspirated engine will be a thing of the past.

This is probably one of the best opportunities for new employees that I've seen in a while. The techniques that you'll learn from these jobs are literally gonna re-shape the car industry.

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