How about another bright spot; a glimmer of hope; a light at the end of the tunnel.  Sure, things will never be the same but as Michigan will finally get back to work things will certainly get better.  Now we just have to count on each other to do all the right things so we don't have to go back to shutdown mode.  Lets hope.

The lockdown order is not expected to expire until May 15th but we've seen certain sectors resume business and the rest are getting ready. has reported that Ford & GM have already started to recall workers to get ready for the green light.  But lets not get too excited that everything will come back immediately.  There will be initial limitations on the number of employees as companies like the major automakers execute the safety procedures that not only comply with the CDC but also allow for the reconfiguration of the workplace that will need to happen for compliance.  Nevertheless, we're getting back baby!

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