Every band has that career-defining concert. For Foreigner, this wasn't it but it sure was memorable when they played 'Nudestock' at a nudist campground in Michigan.

Wrapped in a towel and smoking a cigarette after the concert Mick Jones said, "It felt like performing a history-making event." About 3,500 rockers in various states of undress showed up at a campground in Union City, Michigan to see Foreigner play "Nudestock."

The annual concert may have reached its peak in 1995 and 1996 when not only Foreigner, but Alan Parsons Project, Eric Burdon (the Animals), Starship, Blue Oyster Cult, The Turtles, Guess Who, Loverboy, Grand Funk Railroad and Paul Revere & The Raiders and John Kay and Steppenwolf all played to partially-clad fans at the music fest.

In 2021, Turtle Lake has a Blues weekend in June, a Country Rock weekend in July and the music fest is at the end of August. The good news is, there are no tickets required to attend any music event- standard day fees and room or site rentals apply.

Video of Foreigner's 1995 show is below, along with photos from the event. Keep in mind some of these photos may be not safe for work or contain images of nudity. Also, this was the best technology could do in 1995 so the video and photos are not exactly hi-res photos by today's standards, but maybe that's OK.

When Foreigner Played a Michigan Nudist Resort

"Nudestock" is an annual summer concert at a clothing-optional campground in Michigan. Foreigner played a concert there in 1995.
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