This is getting real personal. I feel like I'm giving you a look inside at my, well it's not my heart, but it's something I don't let many, heck, anyone see. It's my FreeCell game; that wonderful waste of time that first came from Microsoft back in the days Windows 3.1. Did you know the original classic Klondike Solitaire was added to Windows to help teach people how to use a mouse? That seems almost ancient now.

In addition to classic Solitaire and FreeCell, there was Mindsweeper, Spider Solitaire, and with the internet, Internet Hearts. (In college, I was a pretty great Spades player, and it was tough playing Hearts for me, as the point of the game was the reverse of Spades.) Don't even get me started with all the "upgrades" the folks in Redmond, Washington (Microsoft) did that ruined the original "app".

But the reason I bring all this up is an email poured in this afternoon about a survey which said something about how many virtual friends us Michiganders made during the pandemic. Survey sezzzz 17% of us made these virtual friends. Now what does this have to do with FreeCell? Well, the survey came from a FreeCell gaming site, Basically, Kansasers had the most virtual friends at 53% and Connecticut and Montana had the least (8%. Don't ask, I don't see the connection, either.)

Maybe next we can have virtual weddings, and then virtual babies. But seriously, does anyone else keep track of their FreeCell games? On the classic game, you could choose your game number. Originally there were 32,000 variations, and now it's 1 to 1,000,000. That's another story for another day. Same number of cards, etc, and now there's one million games. How'd they pull that off?

This is my Google spreadsheet, keeping track of my wins and losses. (Microsoft Windows)
This is my Google spreadsheet, keeping track of my wins and losses. (Microsoft Windows)

But do you play in order? I do; even keep a spreadsheet. Yes, I may have used the redo option once or twice, too.

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