Citing a “woefully inadequate staff,” Fricanos of Alamo has shut the doors until 2022. The long-time owner's reason for closing may not be what it seems.

A forty-two year favorite may be gone forever.

Fricano's of Alamo shared distressing news on their Facebook page, October 10.

After two years of dealing with unprecedented obstacles Fricano's of Alamo has decided to close for the remainder of 2021. Any business is only as good as its staff and ours is woefully inadequate to provide the service and quality necessary to meet our standards. We hope to use the remainder of this year to establish a plan to reopen fully staffed in 2022.

-Fricano's Alamo via Facebook

The last 18-24 months have been challenging for everyone, to say the least. Business owners, especially those in the hospitality business have seen their operations forcibly closed, then restricted. Now, restaurant owners are handicapped by a labor shortage.

Reading the words "woefully inadequate," it seems like the owner is calling out his staff for doing a terrible job. Someone quickly jumped on him in the comments, and he clarified his statement: "Inadequately understaffed does apply when a 240 seat restaurant is staffed with 4 servers."

The remainder of the comments were filled with well-wishes for Phil Fricano and his family, along with the strong desire to continue to support Fricano's. His Facebook post is hopeful for the future of pepperoni in Alamo.

We hope to use the remainder of this year to establish a plan to reopen fully staffed in 2022. We appreciate the continued devotion from our customers over the past 42 years and look forward to the day when we can welcome everyone who comes through our doors with outstanding food and service once again.
Thank you and all the best to each of you, Phil Fricano

-Fricano's Alamo via Facebook

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We're hoping Fricano's is not on this list the next time we update it...

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