Portage is the place to kick off the weekend as 'Friday at the Flats' returns to Celery Flats Pavilion , bringing food trucks, live music and Summer fun.

Here's another signpost on the road to the return to normalcy (whatever that might look like in these crazy times). Friday at the Flats is back, beginning May 7. The first Friday of the month means take out food and taking in live music at Celery Flats in Portage.

May 7, June 4, July 2, August 6 and September 3, food trucks will be parked from 4-8 pm at Celery Flats Pavilion, 7335 Garden Lane in Portage. As they serve up a variety of curbside cuisine, live bands will provide a smörgåsbord of musical styles, with a varying lineup of artists and groups yet to be announced. Seating is limited, but there is ample space to stretch out on the grass for a picnic-style meal; bring a blanket or your camp chairs.

You are invited to "connect with your loved ones at Celery Flats through food and fun." You can also contribute to the community, as a food drive will be held each month. Before you head out the door with the family, take a quick look for any sealed, undamaged, unexpired, non-perishable or canned food you'd be willing to donate. Special needs right now are cereal, canned soups, boxed meals (think Hamburger Helper), shelf-stable powdered milk, baking mixes (Jiffy or Bisquick), shelf-stable tortillas, granola bars, jellies and jams or microwavable foods like rice in a bag.

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We'll see you on the lawn for music and a meal on the best day of the week this Summer as Friday at the Flats returns to Portage.

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