The term gaslighting, by definition, means to manipulate someone into questioning their own sanity. It is cruel abuse dealt by sociopathic narcissists who intend to use this behavior to control the victims they claim to love. It is slow. It is pathological. And it is the villain front and center of New Vic Theatre's Gaslight. It is 1880. London. Jack Manningham, a married man who openly flirts with the female help, is slowly, deliberately driving his wife, Bella, insane. She complains of hearing footsteps, and seeing the lights in their home dim; occurrences he convinces her are in head. Is she hearing things? Are her eyes playing tricks? Is there an explanation for her husband's strange disappearances? With the help a local detective, Bella is able to separate fact from fiction, and in doing so, solve a mysterious cold case.

Starring Michael P. Martin and Sarah Lynn Roddis, this is a terrifying trip in to psychological abuse and true psychopathy.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Where: New Vic Theatre
  • When: March 29th through April 20th (no April 13th performance)
    • Fridays and Saturdays - 8:00pm
  • Cost: $25
    • Dinner Theatre packages with The Park Club available on March 29th and April 6th - $59
  • Click here to order tickets online
  • For more information call 269-381-3328


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