I can remember when the first electric cars came out in the mid 90s.  In case you didn't know or forgot, General Motors mass-produced the EV1.  Maybe you've seen the documentary which purports what might have been.  Nevertheless, we have them now and have moved into the kind of electric cars we really want.  I'm talking fast and cool looking like the Tesla.  Well now, it looks like we're not only getting a classic version, we're getting one in an SUV.

According to freep.com, Ford is not only going to introduce an electric SUV, it's going to be a Mustang inspired SUV.  The automaker seems to ge taking direct aim at Tesla and some of those who have seen what it will look like think it's really going to compete.  We won't have to wait long.  Reports have the public unveiling on November 17th.  you can get more information and maybe a sneak peak by clicking HERE.



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