Friend of the Rocker Morning Show, man-about town, movie critic, and raconteur, Ryan Jay stopped by The Rocker Morning Show to talk movies opening this weekend.

  • “It so lovingly and beautifully pays homage to the original film, its stars and also to the 80s as an era.”
  • “I have to rave about Kate McKinnon. She is consistently getting great reviews and it’s so deserved.”
  • “…there are layers and nuances to the characters that just never quit. Even Chris Hemsworth – pretty as he is in general – it really flipped the script on the secretary role.”
  • “I loved it so much. It’s practically perfect. I wanna see it again in the theater.”
  • See it!
  • “The movie is good – the lighting is phenomenal. It’s one of the best lit movies I’ve ever seen. It’s good to the point you actually notice it.”
  • “It’s dangerous. This movie is gritty. You fear for the safety of these cops. There are times it’s suspenseful but it’s not edge of your seat.”
  • “It’s a smart film – you never question who’s good or bad but you feel for all sides. It’s a bit hard to follow at times, but a good movie.”
  • Rent it!


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