This is no bored game. Humans imitate herbivores on ice with Grand Rapids' Sport and Social Club's Human Hungry Hungry Hippos on Ice Tournament.

The World of Winter Festival is designed to get people outside and enjoy all the fun a Michigan winter has to offer. Although snow yoga (snowga!) and a silent disco sound intriguing, the highlight of this frozen festival of fun has got to be Grand Rapids Sport and Social Club's Human Hungry Hungry Hippos Tournament.

Teams of six players launch their "hippos" toward the mass of balls in the center of the rink on an inner tube. Using a laundry basket and all of their equilibrium, the designated hippo has to battle other teams to collect balls and then is hauled back to the team's starting point. I believe play continues until all balls are cleared or there is blood on the ice- you can learn more about the rules here.


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