We've chronicled many scams over the years and are certainly aware of how Facebook was involved in the 2016 election.  Now, Google is taking heat and seemingly avoiding any responsibility for a fishing license scam that has affected several states including Michigan.

According to an article on wnem.com, Google failed to stop a network of predatory websites from buying ads to promote "scam" fishing licenses to people across the country even after multiple state agencies repeatedly complained to the company about the ads.  The states say they have no idea who is behind the sites or if it is a ploy to harvest confidential and sensitive information — ID numbers, social security numbers, even physical attributes — from victims. Some of the sites charge double and triple the cost of an actual fishing license sold by the state.  Unfortunately, Google disagreed with pleas from the states and has allowed it to continue showing up as a paid ad on search results for information on fishing licenses.

Thankfully, now the sites have no authorization to sell fishing licenses and that the only way to buy fishing licenses online is through the official state agency sites.  A number of websites are still active and while Google has the power to crack down on the ads, it is not responsible for the websites.

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