Is there anything more American than a hamburger? Is there another way to cook one? Google has released the most popular recipe searches across the country. 

I don't know about you, but I have probably cooked more in the last month and a half than I have in the last 3 years. As we stay at home and try to flatten the curve during the Coronavirus pandemic, some of us are getting more rounded. The stories of weight gain during the shelter in place recommendations are anecdotal at this point, but the "Covid-19" may turn out to be as much a reality as the "freshman 15."

As many of us are limited in what we know how to cook, its Google to the rescue. The search engine has just released the data on the most searched for recipes across these United States and we love our hamburgers. released the results; let's take a look at the MidWest:

  • Illinois: Pork tenderloin
  • Indiana: Hamburger (or hamburger meat)
  • Michigan: Hamburger (or hamburger meat)
  • Minnesota: Bread
  • Ohio: Hamburger (or hamburger meat)
  • Wisconsin: Ham

Hamburger was the most popular overall, number one in thirteen states. Make mine medium-well.

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