You read the headline above and you ask "what is the big deal?"

I understand. I get the question, the look, all the time. If you're from Chicago, you know. If you're not, you don't get it.

Temperamental television chef/rock star Gordon Ramsay has opened a restaurant in downtown Chicago. Gordon Ramsay Burger has opened at Ontario and State Streets. It's only the third of its kind, with the others in Vegas and London. But...a piece on Barstool Sports says the location is where restaurants go to die. Wahlburgers was in that location for less than a year.

Word is, their specialty is butter-burgers. A Hell's Kitchen Burger will set you back about $17. (Hello, Culver's? What do you think?) But I understand, when you're visiting, prices don't count. I wish the same could be said for parking. (Side rant: It is ridiculous how much they charge for parking in Chicago. And it used to be just downtown, now it's about everywhere.)

There are eight burgers on the menu, along with a bunch of interesting appetizers.

But there on the menu, there it is: "Hot Dawgs". Oh, you can't fool me, Gordon. You can misspell "dawgs" to try and get my attention away from what you're trying to do here - put ketchup on a hot dog. "Onion, mustard, house ketchup, house pickles" on the house dog.

You know I was going to rant about ketchup on a hot dog, but then....(dramatic music) I saw the other hot dog on the menu, the Chipotle Dog. It comes with, wait for it, wait for it, avocado. If you thought putting ketchup on a hot dog was a crime against humanity, avocado will just put you over the top.

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It's my hometown, it's' the end of the year, and I get that we're trying to be all-inclusive. Have your ketchup, have your avocado. Tip your wait-staff. (Early reviews says the staff is friendly and good.)  But I still can't get past ketchup on a hot dog.

(Important note; Gordon Ramsay Burger has closed until December 27th due to the latest Covid outbreak.)

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