Comedian Greg Warren's latest stand-up special Where the Field Corn Grows is available now on Amazon, Amazon Prime Direct, Google Play, Xbox Video and Vudu. He joined Mike McKelly and Stefani Bishop on the Rocker Morning Show to talk about doing clean comedy, the effect that the pandemic has had on his routine, and no matter how hard you try, you can't please everyone.

"In the 30 years I've been doing stand up somebody has been offended by something that I've said," Warren admitted. "Even putting out this special, I got all these amazing comments and messages, and then I got one lady that sent me a Facebook message that said 'I am a farmer's wife and eff you for your joke about Daylight Saving Time.'"

Described as "pure gold" by Ag Daily, Warren takes an outside look at the world of farming. Witty, self deprecating, and educational, there really is something for everyone in this special. Even farmer's wives who don't like his Daylight Saving Time joke. "You cannot please everybody," the seasoned performer states, matter of factly.

Of course, he's been shopping this special around for some time; pre-COVID rules and regulations, in fact. How exactly has the pandemic affected his set and how he relates to an audience? He thinks it's important to talk about it, but not dwell on it. "So you talk about it for about 30 seconds and then you go back in to your act. We're all still human beings, right? You can talk about whatever as long as its funny and relatable. It's maybe nice to have a few jokes about what's going on, but whatever you thought was funny five months ago is still funny, I promise."

Always controversial and not one to shy away from debate, Warren is ready for this special to drive wedges in friendships and families with hot-button issues. "There are some pretty heated topics in my special; field corn vs. sweet corn. That's really going to polarize this country."

Check out the full Rocker Morning Show interview with comedian Greg Warren below.

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