In Michigan, we are known for some of our food products, which are desired by those who don't have access to it across the country. Products like Faygo, Vernors, Little Caesars, Jets, and other items are some of the most prominent among them, but as Michiganders, we may be missing out on one of the best food products, which was born next door to us.

We may give Ohio a bunch of grief on a regular basis, but not everything that comes from that state is a failure, including their potato chip brand Grippo's, which is apparently one of the oldest products in the state, according to their website:

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Grippo's snack foods have been a hometown favorite since 1919. Our snacks are fresher! They are made daily with no preservatives.. Grippo's is the original "Fun Food Company" because we've been having fun satisfying your craving for snack food for 103 years. Five generations of the Grippo's family are committed to making and distributing the freshest, highest quality potato chips and snack foods you can eat. So when someone tells you to "get a grip!" you know what they mean...get Grippo's!


SO...Which is better?

Recently Rickey Smiley posted a photo that has garnered a lot of people's responses praising the chip for its deliciousness. The big question is now, are their chips better than the Michigan-made Better Snack Foods, which was established in Detroit?

We may need someone to make a run to Ohio and grab a bag of these to really put them to the test.

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