Kalamazoo's largest tailgate party for the U of M/MSU football game was planned for Saturday- outdoors at Homer-Stryker Field. Now, they've had second thoughts. 

Safety was the biggest concern, and it seemed like they had a good plan. There is 36,000 square feet of space, and that's just the infield. Add all the grass that goes out to the fence at Homer-Stryker Field and the Kalamazoo Growlers figured they had enough room to socially distance college football fans yet still get together to watch the Michigan vs Michigan State game on Saturday. Now, the party has been cancelled.

The team announced on October 28 that after speaking with the Kalamazoo County Health Department and "multiple officials," the event was scrapped. Even in an outdoor setting, a large gathering seems risky as the second wave of Coronavirus may turn out to be bigger than the initial outbreak.

It turns out the team absolutely made the right decision as the very next day, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services tightened the rules on gatherings. The maximum size for indoor events like weddings, parties and banquets was shrunk from 500 to only 50 people permitted. Parties are now restricted to six people per table at bars and restaurants in Michigan until further notice.

The orders that MDHHS has issued are centered on keeping the public safe and following best practices to reduce the spread of this deadly virus. The alarming surge we are now seeing is exactly why we were so worried about the fall season. We must remain vigilant, so we prevent long-term health consequences and unnecessary deaths, and protect our hospital capacity and the health of our frontline health workers.

-Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, MDHHS Chief Medical Executive and Chief Deputy for Health

While MDHHS was addressing indoor events, reason prevails in not assembling a group to yell and scream together at a football game.

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Saturday's tailgate party has been cancelled. Those who bought tickets will be contacted directly.

Read more: https://bit.ly/3e7mefb

Posted by Kalamazoo Growlers on Thursday, October 29, 2020

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