Hairmania, the only thing that 2020 couldn't destroy... probably because it couldn't cut through all that Aqua Net...

The Dock at Bayview's 8th annual Ultimate Costume Bash is Saturday, October 24th and Hairmania is set to rock the stage from 9:00 through the wee morning hours. Get ready for more spandex, animal print, and strategically placed rips than you bargained for. And hair. Lots and lots of hair. Get dressed up and come on out; this is a Costume Bash, after all, and just like in years past, there will be cash prizes for first and second place for best costumes of the night.

I caught up with Jen Jeffrey of The Dock at Bayview to ask what to expect regarding social distancing, capacity expectations, and what-not, due to the pandemic. "We will have a limited capacity and that all depends on what is allowed on The 24th," Jeffrey explained. "Outdoors will be open with a few smaller tents, if inclement weather, for those who prefer to be outside. Inside will be on what we are allowed at that time so it’s recommended to get there early to ensure your seat. The capacity will be monitored at the door... We will be asking people to be safe and stay with their groups of friends at their tables. Wearing a mask while moving around and being considerate."

$7 gets you in the door for a night of general debauchery, drinking, dancing, and, of course, all the 80s hair metal that you know and love.

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