Want to own a landmark? A stunner of a property has gone back on the market in Paw Paw. The Harvey House, built in 1902, known for its beautiful woodwork, spacious layout, and Victorian charm can be yours for a cool $220,000, according to the latest Re/Max Michigan listing. The last time this property was for sale was April 2016, but the updates that the current seller has made may have those on the fence making an offer before the day is out. 5 bedrooms. 4 bathrooms. Some of the spaces need a little TLC, but that's what you'd come to expect from a 116-year-old house. Just look at that kitchen...

The History of the Harvey House

Paw Paw historian and administrator of the Paw Paw Now and Then Facebook group, shared some history of the house:

Edward Harvey came to Paw Paw in 1877. He had served in Gen. Custer's Michigan 7th Cavalry in the Civil War. and was discharged after serious wounds in Virginia. He then enrolled at McCormick Theological Seminary which later became Northwestern University. He served as a pastor in New Jersey and Albion, Michigan, and in New England and settled in Paw Paw in 1887 replacing his ill brother Henry at the Presbyterian Church. He was later appointed by President Benjamin Harrison as U.S. Pension Agent for Detroit. He returned to Paw Paw and purchased property east of town from his brother to build a home. Construction began on this impressive Colonial Revival style structure, with the Harveys living in a barn behind the site until the task was completed. The floor plan and interior decoration were taken from a prominent Detroit artist and Chicago home designer. The Harveys remained active village members the rest of their lives. Edward died in 1916 and wife Florence remained in their home until selling in 1940. She died in 1943 and both are buried in Prospect Cemetery. Since its construction the Harvey House has been one of the most impressive homes in not only Paw Paw, but all of Southwestern Michigan.

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