You've seen Cash-for-Gold ads for years. Because gold prices usually rise when the cost of living goes up, gold has always been seen as a safe way to diversify your portfolio. It can be a wise investment, and there are legitimate businesses that you can trust to give you a fair trade. However, someone on the street offering gold jewelry for gas money? That seems more than a little fishy...

But that's exactly what seems to be happening in Holland, Michigan. A recent post on a Holland community Facebook page, Holland Happenings, is alerting fellow Michiganders to a scam involving a woman, her spouse, and a child. They say they're stranded and need gas money and are willing to trade gold jewelry for cash. Problem is, the jewelry is fake.

Along with pictures of the "gold" jewelry, the post reads:

We would like to warn the Holland, Michigan public about a scam going on in the area. Recently we have almost daily had people coming in to sell “gold” jewelry they bought off a stranger. They have approached people at gas stations, Walmart and Meier saying they need gas money to get back home or they say they are starving and need food money. It is usually a woman with a small child and her spouse. All items are stamped 18k gold. It is not gold. Beware!

It is possible that this scam could spread to other parts of the Mitten as word gets out about the phony merchandise and forces the scammers to move to more lucrative pastures, so stay vigilant!

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