There is a historic piece of property for sale located on Grosse Ile off the Detroit River in Detroit that is SO much to process. First off, there is a crazy catacomb-like tunnel that leads from the basement all the way to the backyard where there are horse stables. There are also secret compartments throughout the house and even a ballroom in the basement, but there's a good reason for this.

As the seller states in the listing, this is a former home of Henry Ford and was actually built by the Ford Motor Company in the early 1900s:

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A House For Ford, By Ford

A Great Lakes Landmark! Beautiful waterfront property was purchased by Henry and Clara Ford, along with several family farms on the island, and was custom-built by the Ford Motor Company. Designed for entertaining associates (and personal security) it was given to Henry Ford's Head of Security and Union Buster Harry Bennett when it became too dangerous for him and his family to live in Dearborn (check out the "Battle of the Overpass" in 1937).

The best part of this whole tour is how the dog, which seems to be somewhat of a Scottish Terrier is seemingly giving the tour, following around the homeowner who is taking the pictures.

But let's be honest, it pretty much IS his home, so I guess it makes sense to allow him to give the tour of this historic home that is currently listed for nearly $1,000,000 at 20653 W River Rd, Grosse Ile.

This INSANE Former Home of Henry Ford On The Detroit River Is For Sale

I just love how the tour of the home almost tells the story of the dog's life... so I'll let him give you the tour.

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