Once again we have the outside world looking in to see what Michigan is all about; this time the topic is Christmas traditions.  Ya know it's funny whenever you meet someone from another part of the country or the world and they've got their preconceived notions about the state that we call home.  Usually they're wrong because A) They don't live here and don't know or B) They tie some event (usually something negative) to their overall perception and it turns out to be way off.  Well, let's take a look at what a national publication says is Michigan's most unusual Christmas tradition.

According to the taste makers at msn.com, Michigan's most unusual Christmas tradition is shopping at Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth.  Really?  That's what they came up with?  Here's what they had to say:

Bronner's Christmas Wonderland claims to be the largest Christmas store in the world. Open all year round, the 320,000 square-foot store contains multiple floors of decorations, gifts, trees, and any holiday trinket you can possibly think of.

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