This Sunday's Borgess Marathon and events have grown into a major event, and that growth means some traffic congestion and requires some creative thinking to navigate through parts of Kalamazoo on Sunday morning.

Borgess Run 4
Photo courtesy of Borgess Run. Used by permission.

Here's a quick cheat sheet on traffic for Sunday, which is Race Day for the Borgess Run events, including the Marathon.

Parking, Shuttles, Gear Check & More

Runners: Arrive early, get parked and get ready to run!  The two main campus entrances are these: From the west, turn left into campus at the flashing light across from the school, leading to 1, 2 and 3 West lots. From the east, turn north on to Nazareth and be directed to 1 and 2 West lots. We have shuttles from a mile away (at the Borgess Heart Institute) and from the Radisson downtown.  The campus starts shutting down around 7:30 a.m.

For everyone's sake, please observe our NO DOGS! rule.


  • The Kalamazoo Mall – The Kalamazoo Mall will be closed for about an hour and a half after the first race begins at 8 a.m.
  • Parkview – Parkview will be closed between Drake Road and the entrance to Parkview Hills.

Where to Avoid if Possible

  • The Starting/Finish Line – The start and finish line for all May 8th events is at the Nazareth campus on Gull Road. Traffic both ways will be available, but restricted.
  • Downtown (Michigan/Riverview) – Runners head down Michigan Avenue from Riverview, creating long stoppages for people heading out of downtown via Michigan. Expect delays here and along Riverview.
  • Mills Street – Runners will be on the west side of Mills Street, so Northbound Mills Street will be open, including at Kings Highway.
  • Bronson (north of Whites) – Runners take up one of the two lanes, so police will be intermittently passing cars along this road.

Getting Through

  • Howard Street – Because runners go over the bridge on Howard, traffic is accessible on Howard.
  • The Inkster Bridge – Runners head under the Inkster bridge on Bronson, so this bridge takes you from outside the course into the middle of it.
  • Highways – Want to avoid the course completely, or get to the start or finish line from across town? Approach the Nazareth Campus from the North. Or, get to the westernmost side of the course by taking 131 to the Stadium exit. Coming from the east, take Exit 80 to Sprinkle Rd, then north to Gull Rd. then west to Nazareth. .

Race organizers suggest using the shuttle system set up for the day. Information on the shuttle and parking is here.

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