First let me divulge that I haven't carried cash in about 10 years.  Everything I buy is with a debit card.  With that, I've always kept my receipts to give to my wife for bookkeeping purposes.  But in the last couple of years we stopped saving our receipts because online banking does it for us.  Well now we have a reason to ask for a receipt.

In an article on, a McDonald's employee spills the beans on why you should always ask for a receipt.  Apparently between 12p-2p and 5p-7p are what they call "Gapbuster Times" during which they could get a visit from a "gapbuster" or "mystery shopper" hired to rate the service of a particular location.  So if someone comes in and asks for a receipt, the employees are alerted to the fact it may be a "gapbuster" and they not only up the service they also make the freshest burger & fries and give you priority over everyone else.  Of course, now the cat is out of the bag...  Check out the whole story by clicking HERE.

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